Boerboel South African Mastiff Intro


The Boerboel is a large dog that is strong, confident and muscular with a distinctive, blocky head. Despite its size, it is the most agile of the mastiff-type breeds. The word Boerboel means “Farm Dog” and it serves as a capable working dog as well as a loyal companion in its home country of South Africa. The skin of a Boerboel should be dark on his stomach and under his fur, as well as the roof of his mouth, which protects against heat and sun.

A Look Back

Jan van Riebeeck went to the Cape of South Africa in 1652 and brought his own dog along to protect his family in the wild and unknown country. This dog was known as a “Bullenbitjer,” a large, heavy Mastiff-type dog. This dog bred with the indigenous, domestic dogs of South Africa, eventually creating the Boerboel we know today. In addition to their farm work, these dogs were often the first line of defense against wild predators in South Africa (lion, hyena, leopards etc) and were valuable in tracking and holding down wounded game.

Right Breed for You?

The Boerboel is an intelligent dog with strong protective instincts and a willingness to please. When approached, the breed is calm and confident, and at times, aloof, but it loves its family. Early socialization and obedience training as well as daily exercise are important for this larger breed, but grooming needs are minimal. It is not the dog for the first-time owner. Potential owners should work with a reputable breeder when adding a Boerboel to the family.

“Giant”, ET Boerboel, South African Mastiff, Malaysia.


     南非獒,俗称: 南非大猛犬。冷靜,听话,聪明,比一般的大型獒犬更敏捷,被誉為超大型獒犬里速度力量最顽强和结合得得最好的一個品種,身体异常强劲有力!它胸肩寬大,肌肉發達。被毛短而平滑,紅棕色,奶油,所有深淺的斑紋,黃褐色帶或不帶黑色面罩與一些白色的胸部都可以接受。南非獒犬胆大,勇猛,善扑咬,愛打斗。但对主人绝对忠诚和顺从


Jan van Riebeeck在1652年前往南非开普敦,并带来了他的狗,让它在南非保护他的家人。这保卫狗被称为“Bullenbitjer,”一个大型,重型獒型的狗。此犬之后与南非土著人得家犬繁殖,最终形成了我们今天所知道的南非獒犬。除了自己的农场工作,此獒犬是在南非野生环境中防御的第一线,具有強大的护卫犬本能,在南非其任务是保护家庭的入侵者和保护农场的牛羊被侵害,它可以追扑狮子,鬣狗,花豹,野马等。它是非常优秀的护卫犬,亦用作猎犬或警犬