About Us

For those who are new, welcome to ET Pets.

ET Pets is an associate company within the larger ET Group of Companies (ET Hub, ET Events Team, ET Chair, ET Inflatables), which has assembled a team of qualified professionals who are dedicated and fully committed to discharge their professional duties and responsibilities with the ultimate aim of ensuring and enhancing the joys and happiness of all our pet-loving clienteles.

ET Pets is divided into two (2) main departments, ET Pets Factory and ET Pets Kennel.

1. Factory

ET Pets Factory manufacture and supply
pet cages, pet accessories, and pet health products!

- we produce pet cages and can even customize cages for your pets!

2. Kennel

ET Pets kennel is one of the LARGEST kennel in Malaysia,
with more than 400 pure breed dogs!

- pedigrees as well as imported with champion bloodlines!

We, the ETs, started off with just 1 precious pet, a chow chow named “ah fu”, because of our man’s best friend ah fu, we started to love dogs more and more everyday, Then, we founded our own Canine and Kennel Rescue, after involving in kennel rescue, we witnessed so many terrible and poor condition pedigrees, our hearts are broken every time when we rescued them from local kennel. It’s a sad fact that we can’t make everyone to just adopt and stop puppy mill, everyone has own preferences, forever there will be people who loves to adopt mongrels, and people who loves to buy pedigrees, this is something that we can never change. With a big thinking that we want to improve the dog breeding industry, we decided to involve ourselves in it, we have to experience it so that we can understand it, it’s a big step, it’s difficult, and we know there is no turning back, we will take care of them forever. Along the way, there are so many tears and joys , and we met so many kind souls! Yes we started off as hobby-cum-interest and slowly become one of the leader in Pets Industry by involving in large scale of pet breeding!

Kennel Facilities

With a total area of 150,000 square feet, from open space farm-liked environment (giant breed), kennel building (large & medium breed), stainless steel cages (small breed) and numerous air-conditioned rooms (thick coated breed), our facilities is one of the best in industry!


We have an appointed vet located right in front of ET Pets kennel, so the entire concern of breeding, puppies delivery, deworming & vaccination is overseeing and performing by experienced and professionally qualified Veterinary Doctors and helpful staffs.

ET Pets is overlooking by pets lovers!

Farm Managers:

Ms. Lisa Yap (Dog lover who loves all dogs especially Chow Chows)


Mr. Lim (Well known hobbyist breeder and chihuahua lover in Malaysia, with more than 20 years experience in dog breeding)


Mr. Joon (Proud owner of Boerboels, Alaskan Malamutes, English Bulldogs and Jack Russells)


Mr. David Woon (The true Poodle lover who loves Giant Poodles, Standard Poodles, Miniature Poodles, Toy Poodles and Tiny Toy Poodles)


Mr. Tun (Love all dog breeds, able to train and handle guard dogs, with more than 10 years experiences in dog breeding)


Ms. Jun Jun Max (True lover of all puppies, with a loving heart in taking care of the puppies, overlooking our vern own pet supply stores)

and of course, many other Experienced Support Staffs:

- We have staffs who work 24/7 to ensure kennel cleanliness!


- Food feeding is always on time and our dogs have access to clean water at all time, each and every of dog has own food bowl & water bottle.


- We feed our pedigrees with holistic dog foods! Sometimes, we will even add in special menus for them, specially prepared by our farm managers, like beef, lamb, chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, health supplements and others so that they are always beautiful and healthy!


- Dog walking is a must for us! We have staffs who let our dogs out in batches everyday! Hours of walks/exercises depend on the energy level of different dog breeds.


- We even have three (3) female staffs cum groomers whose daily jobs are to bath and groom dogs! Yes, each and every of our dogs are being bathed & groomed at least once a week!

- We are hobbyist breeders, these are our beloved pets.


- Being proud owners/breeders of so many quality pets, we don’t breed for quantity, as we are able to breed for quality!


- Our purpose is not about profit, we breed to better the breed, we screen for genetic problems and we health check our dogs!


- We screen potential buyers carefully, pets are not products, we always ensure all our pets go to good homes.


- We definitely don’t sell our pets to unethical breeders/stores.


- We never consider to breed our females the first time they come into heat, we only breed our girl when she is an adult (2 years old).


- We won’t breed our females every time they on heat, we will certainly skip at least 1 heat cycle before breeding again.


- We don’t breed our dogs until they die, when our dogs are old, we will stop breeding them and let them retire and enjoy their stay with us!


- We share a same dream, someday we want to have a BIG farm and grow old with our dogs! We love farm life!

As our tagline says, “Dogs are Family”, we love dogs! And we try our best to give them affection and attention everyday! And we still want to give them more and more as days go by!

With so, we are determined to produce dogs of the Finest Quality to meet the needs of everyone in finding their lifetime companion and best of friend – their pets!